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The American Academy of Pediatrics offers very clear guidelines in the care of our newborn population.

Phycinity first priority is to listen and attend to those concerns presented by the parents

Through proper newborn care, a board certified pediatrician should be able to discuss with the parents the development in five domains:



Fine Motor

Gross Motor

Problem Solving

Those initial visits, if done in a timely fashion can increase the opportunities of identifying problems in the newborn and promote a healthy care at home. Another function of timely well child checks are to support breastfeeding and its family on their breastfeeding efforts, as there is no better nutrition to a newborn than breastmilk.

Phycinity’s Core Value Stems from Providing Open Access and Great Communication

The subject of timely well child visits as an integral dimension of anticipatory guidance and the related supporting scientific evidence for this concept is a critical and timely issue for the pediatric profession. There is evidence that the early preventive visits can reduce the co-morbidities of chronic diseases and emergency care, therefore you can  reduce medical related costs among your children.

Evidence increasingly suggests that, to be successful in preventing chronic disease, pediatricians must begin preventive interventions early in the newborn period. If appropriate measures are applied sufficiently early, many complications of chronic diseases can be prevented in children.

Phycinity – Your Pediatric Medical Home

The American Academy of Pediatrics has promoted the concept of a medical home to improve families’ care utilization. Establishment of a sound pediatric care early in the child’s life can introduce children and their families to a prevention ecosystem and early intervention prior to the development of medical problems.

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