General Pediatrics

Phycinity: a boutique general pediatric practice

Changes in the healthcare sector, including regulations from Washington D.C., are creating higher limitations to the access of care, higher burnouts on physicians and higher dissatisfaction among patients. Phycinity’s pediatric medicine attempts to restore that confidence back into the patient and its family, while at the same time provides busy families with access to your very own private board certified pediatrician. Unlike a typical medical practice or urgent cares, which is empaneled to thousands of patients and book patients on a strict schedule.

Phycinity’s concierge medicine is all about You – the patient.

Our boutique medical practice is limited, while providing care around your schedule and life. Appointments usually start on-time or earlier in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Before your appointment, we will prepare for your arrival, utilizing the latest advance on information technology. You will have constant communication with us on the days before your appointment, to ensure we gather all the required information before your appointment.

How is Phycinity different from other practices?

Not only you have your own private board certified pediatrician, but you will have direct access to your doctor via the most advance in the cloud set of applications, check-in, intake forms, including secure messaging and a patient’s portal. At Phycinity, we believe it all about empowering our children lives through healthcare. Additional benefits you gain as part of our medical practice are:

  • Unlimited secure communication with your care team
  • Preventive & routine evaluations services as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Access to our patient portal with 24 hrs access to your medical information
  • On-time appointments in your neighborhood
  • Smart usage of diagnostic test, on-site labs, while avoiding over-diagnosis, wasteful spending of your healthcare money or over prescribing
  • Same day appointments
  • Preventive services on obesity, allergies, asthma, attention deficit, sports participation
  • Parents of adolescent patients practicing sports who wants to enhance their performance can benefit through consultation with our Special Forces trained pediatrician
  • Open minded about Immunizations

We look forward to provide you and your family with a rewarding and unique pediatric care with your own private board certified pediatrician. Contact Us to start your journey toward better health today and make your kid a VIP patient today!

Not Feeling Well Today?

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After Hour Services

Phycinity approaches pediatric care in a completely different way. We are here for you, with convenient hours, on-site labs and a physician that is minutes away.